Financial Advice

The reduction in lending from financial organisations has meant seeking financial advice is even more important.

A local financial advisor can help assess an application, finding the best lender and save time and money for a borrower.

Different financial products will need advisor’s for different reasons, between finding a lender to getting a better interest rate.


A mortgage is necessary for most people to own a property but some people get a better interest rate than other.

Getting the best possible interest rate, terms and overall deal can be difficult as most people aren’t mortgage experts.

Only a financial or mortgage expert is able to assess the housing market and find to best deal for a borrower.

Some people who thought it wasn’t possible to get a mortgage have been surprised by how much having some advice can help them.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

Yes we’ve all had those annoying phone calls or text message about being due PPI but a lot of people are due money back.

People can reclaim their own PPI however they will need to write into the right department, know when they took out a product, etc.

A financial advisor can find out if someone is due PPI within weeks and have the money in their account just as quick.

Personal Loan

Getting a loan can be similar to applying for a mortgage, however they appear to be harder to get since the recession in 2008.

Knowing which financial organisation to apply with to get approved for a loan is almost impossible for the average borrower.

An advisor can help make the process of applying for a loan quicker, easier and even cheaper in some cases.